We produce, develop, and publish multi-platform products. We also organize professional e-sports leagues through portal


We create and produce 2D and 3D content that is broadcast by Cartoon Network Latin America, Netflix, YouTube and Argentina’s Channel 13.


We sell licenses and merchandise to develop new businesses and advertising.

QB9 Entertainment is a company dedicated to digital entertainment, which develops video games and advanced technological solutions of entertainment, combining innovation and design. We also localize and publish third-party games in Latin America..

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Doors of the Mind: Inner Mysteries

mistery team

Mistery Team

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Patito Feo



Head of Studio

Eduardo, better known as ERO, has been developing video games professionally since 2001 and has worked in QB9 since 2005. He is a founding partner of ADVA and a university professor in Game Design and Video Game Production.

Paula Pautasso

Paula Pautasso

Brand Manager

Paula joined the team in 2016 as Brand Manager. She has extensive experience in the entertainment business: she worked for brands such as McDonald´s and The Walt Disney Company, always focus on children and young people.

Juan Pablo Carrano

Juan Pablo Carrano

Product Manager

Juan Pablo joined QB9 in 2009 to develop console and PC games, completing several projects with clients such as Sony, Lego and Mattel. Today its function is to find and work on new opportunities for the studio.

Ariel Nader

Ariel Nader

Product Manager

Ariel, better known as MAK, joined QB9 in 2009 and currently serves as Product Manager for Mundo Gaturro. He performed several tasks in which his work as Scheduler, Scrum Master and Product Owner stand out. He participated in titles for Comedy Central, Lego, and Disney, among others.


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