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Mundo Gaturro, an icon of the new digital trends for tween public

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Mundo Gaturro continues to be updated according to the latest trends for young audiences, and has become a test case of how to create a comprehensive strategy for the digital world, successfully adapted to the permanent change of the medium. With an increasingly demanding children and young audience, who dwant quality products and the latest technology, Mundo Gaturro is a case that receives increasing exposure in specialized conferences and media, where the answer is how we did it?

In a report in Infobae, Nik, -creator of the character Gaturro- and Guido Corsini, Digital Media Manager QB9, confess that part of the secret is updated and evolve technologically. “We transfer the game from PC to mobile with an app created by a team of argentine professionals. It was a major challenge because they had to rewrite the entire game while respecting the security and personal data of every child”, “said Corsini.

With the Mundo Gaturro’s App, the kids can enjoy in their mobile or tablet in a fun and playful interface with unique mini-games and off-line, KidsTools, multimedia content, catalogs and new adventures. They also have the ability to personify their own avatar and create a profile to interact with their friends, create their own cartoons, and make it viral, adding new features to the game and making it accessible from any screen.

The childrens begin to play in Mundo Gaturro aged 5 or 6 years, but the game also get a high arrival of the ‘tweens’, children aged 9 to 14 years, engaged in techno, social and economic revolution. Today, they challenging enterprises, which often do not know how to reach this audience.


The prestigious newspaper La Nacion, conducted a research about the tweens segment in which it chose Mundo Gaturro as a successful platform for connecting brands with this audience. Mundo Gaturro, created in 2010 has an audience of 1.5 million childrens per month. “The ads are not integrated as banners but as part of the game and the experience,” said Guido Corsini, QB9 manager. Some of the companies that had presence in Mundo Gaturro were Visa, Yogurísimo, and Movistar, among others.

But after all, the key is content, explains Guido Corsini, Digital Media Manager of QB9 Entertainment: “Mundo Gaturro is a success based on a consistent proposal content, so we is natural evolution toward life and multiplatform transmedia. Our premise is to transfer the experience to all screens, ensuring quality across all platforms and creating complete experiences for more than 10 million unique users. ”

So Mundo Gaturro is a success in all formats: theater, magazines, books, music CDs, merchandising and packaging, but also transmedia products,  throughout America Latina, including Brazil.

Will the next challenge? “We want World Gaturro continue its program of internationalization and become an exportable product to other markets in the world”